The birth of a new baby is a joyous occasion and we share your excitement in this great celebration. Our staff shares with you the responsibility of protecting your infant, and understands that an educated and watchful parent is the best line of defense in infant security.

Here are some guidelines you should review before your admittance to the hospital. A comprehensive infant security program is in place at Garden Park Medical Center, which your nurse will review with you once you have been admitted.

  • Become familiar with the hospital staff that work on the unit and in the nursery, and know the nurse assigned to your baby.
  • Question unfamiliar persons entering your room or inquiring about your baby even if they are in hospital attire. Alert the nurses’ station immediately.
  • NEVER give your baby to anyone but your primary nurse and question anyone who attempts to carry your baby out of your room.
  • Determine where your baby will be taken for tests and how long the tests will take. Find out who has authorized the tests.
  • NEVER leave your baby alone in your room.
  • When your baby is in your room, keep the bassinet beside your bed, on the side furthest from the door.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the staff about any security questions you may have.
  • Please help us by educating your family and friends about infant security issues. While our policies are not meant to inconvenience your family or friends in any way, please abide by the rules and adhere to established visiting hours.
  • Please do not carry your infant in the hallways. Always transport your infant in his/her bassinet.

We do everything in our power to ensure you and your baby a comfortable stay during the important bonding time after delivery. A main focus of our nursing care is to provide parents with instructions on caring for their new baby. The usual stay for a vaginal delivery is 24-48 hours; 72-96 hours for a cesarean birth.

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