Seasons is Garden Park Medical Center’s inpatient geriatric-psychiatric program.  It is a hospital-based program for individuals 55+ who are experiencing emotional or behavioral problems. The 12-bed inpatient unit is on the fourth floor and was specially designed to meet the needs of geriatric-psychiatric patients with a day room, a separate dining area, kitchen and laundry facilities and comfortable patient rooms.   The program provides compassionate, short-term, comprehensive care for older patients in a secure, caring setting.

Individual Treatment Plans

Psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, social workers and other healthcare professionals develop a treatment plan based on the individual needs of the patient. Treatment options help individuals renew social, physical and mental skills. Treatment plans, which are monitored closely and updated when necessary, may include counseling, group therapy and coordinated activities.

Specialized Services

Seasons uses a comprehensive approach to address the needs of seniors and their families. Services include:

  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • Group Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Social Worker Consultation
  • Continued Care Planning
  • Family Conferences
  • Family Education
  • Individual Therapy
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Independent Living Skills Education
  • Registered Dietitian Services
  • Medication Management
  • Patient Education

Patient Referral

Physicians, nursing homes, personal care homes, and mental health professionals may make referrals to Seasons.  Any concerned individual may call for more information.  Once a referral is made, an assessment is conducted by a licensed clinical social worker, a licensed mental health professional or the medical director of the unit to determine if the patient would benefit from the program.  Treatment is covered by many health insurance providers as well as by Medicare.

Family Support

The patient’s family is considered an integral part of the patient’s treatment and is encouraged to be involved in all aspects of the patient’s care.

To contact Seasons Behavioral Health Center, please call (228) 575-7115.