What is Enhanced Surgical Recovery?

Garden Park Medical Center practices Enhanced Surgical Recovery - also known as ESR. Enhanced Surgical Recovery is a proven, research-based partnership in which you have the ability to take a more active role with your clinical care team and help improve your own patient experience and surgical outcomes.

Benefits of ESR

  • Eat sooner after surgery
  • Shorten hospital stay
  • Reduction of nausea
  • Faster recovery
  • Appropriate management of pain

Partnering With Patients to Improve Outcomes

What Do You Need to Do?

Before Your Surgery

  • Understand pain management and mobility by discussing it thoroughly with your clinical care team
  • Set realistic goals with your clinical care team
  • Drink water as you would normally

After Your Surgery

  • Move, stand and walk around as much as possible after your surgery
  • Communicate your level of pain to the clinical care team on a regular basis
  • Revisit your goals with the clinical care team to ensure surgical recovery success