Garden Park Medical Center
December 28, 2017

Businesses across the Coast are taking the initiative to express solidarity for the One Coast initiative created to embrace Regionalism. Garden Park joins the many organizations that embrace the ideal and individuals share their support by signing a banner that will be displayed in Jackson, MS at the State Capitol. 

Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes states, “One Coast embraces an understanding that our common interests far outweigh any differences, and acknowledges that there are some issues – political, cultural, tourism, beautification, sports, etc. – that can often be better served through a combined effort. Understandably, most challenges we face require local focus, and our first duty is to our respective districts. We thrive because we celebrate those characteristics that make our communities unique! However, in instances where we can promote regional interests, coordinate multi-jurisdictional activities, and even refer prospects to one another, we should aim to do so.”