• Rea  


    As a nurse, Rea was all too aware of the health problems associated with obesity and worried about getting diabetes and high blood pressure, which run in her family.

  • Aimee  

    breast care , breast care


    Aimee found her breast cancer through a self breast exam. She eventually had tests and surgeries at Garden Park which led to double mastectomy and reconstruction.

  • Tammy  

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    I have been an employee of Garden Park for the last 17 years. I started off at Garden Park in ICU as a tech. I worked as tech for the first year of my career at Garden Park, and after that I became a nurse.

  • Larry  

    I have been a doctor at Garden Park for 30 years. I got in healthcare because I was inspired by a general surgeon in my hometown that took care of my father who died when I was relatively young. One of the great things about the OR team is the experience they bring.

  • Jenny  

    I came to ER at Garden Park because of sudden onset pain. I was treated amazingly when I came to the ER. Everyone was wonderful to me, and they gave me comfort in that horrible time.

  • Lamar  

    My orthopedic surgeon determined I needed a full knee replacement. I chose Garden Park because it is like family atmosphere. I refer to it as a non-clinical atmosphere.

  • Alicia  

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    I delivered both of my girls at Garden Park. The best part about having my girls there was the safety and security on the labor and delivery floor. I feel safe at Garden Park.

  • James  

    I was very pleased with the people here at wound care. I was thrilled with the doctor and the way he approached my health. He assured me if I did what he said, I would be out pretty soon.

  • Rymsky  

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    I have lost 200 pounds. My journey began when I reached my heaviest weight, which was 402 pounds. I struggled with diabetes and high blood pressure and my quality of life was not what it needed to be. I researched having a bariatric procedure based on recommendations from friends.

  • Tammi N.  



    I have struggled with my weight my whole life. My family has a history of high blood pressure and diabetes and I knew eventually I would be a statistic of these diseases if I didn’t lose weight. My biggest motivator to lose the weight was my children.

  • Ideal Protein Patient

    protein , protein


    I started on Ideal Protein September 2015 after my friend had talked me into joining with her. I was hesitant because of what I perceived was additional cost and concerned it was another fad diet, but after considering what I was spending in groceries and restaurants I determined it may be an overall savings for me. Also, I saw how a colleague had been successful and decided to give it a try.

  • Karen M.

    cancer , cancer


    I found a knot in my breast through self-examination and it was later confirmed that I had DCIS (pre-cancer). I trusted God and put my care in the hands of my doctors. I relied on them to provide the best treatment options for the type of cancer that I had. Everyone's diagnosis is not the same and not all breast cancer patients or survivors are candidates for the DIEP flap but, it was definitely worth looking into and I am happy that I made the decision.