Registered Nurse

Compassionate Staff Makes All the difference

I have been an employee of Garden Park for the last 17 years. I started off at Garden Park in ICU as a tech. I worked as tech for the first year of my career at Garden Park, and after that I became a nurse. From there I went to our ER and spent eight years of my career there. Now I am the education coordinator. Sometimes, you can worry about things if you are going to a job. But, it is not a job. It feels like I am leaving home to come home. Many times, I feel like I am coming to work to hangout rather than going to complete a job. I take care of people, but I am having a good time. I am growing my family, because that is what this is. It is a giant family. Not only have I been an employee of Garden Park since 2001, but also periodically, I have had to come to our emergency room for different reasons. Every time that I come, the staff was excellent the minute I hit the doorway.