Ideal Protein Patient

I started on Ideal Protein September 2015 after my friend had talked me into joining with her.  I was hesitant because of what I perceived was additional cost and concerned it was another fad diet, but after considering what I was spending in groceries and restaurants I determined it may be an overall savings for me.  Also, I saw how a colleague had been successful and decided to give it a try.  

It wasn’t but a week on the diet that my motivation instantly skyrocketed.  I was shedding major pounds each week; it was crazy.  I wasn’t hungry because my body was using a process called Ketosis to burn fat and the majority of the food was tasty.  I love the desserts! Within three months I lost 59 pounds.  One year after the program, I am happy to say I have lost 97 pounds and have three pounds to reach my goal. 

My health improved within a couple of months.  I started the program with a cholesterol of 297, stomach ulcers, hypothyroidism which some of it was related to stress.  Generally, when your life is out of balance, so is your eating habits.  I did start on some medications at the same time, but today I am glad to say that my last cholesterol results were 125, my ulcers are gone and I no longer take related medications.

I researched the science behind ketosis and I’m sold.  As a society we eat “conveniently” as a result of our busy lives, but this way of eating is packed with carbohydrates which our body doesn’t need.  This is a lifestyle change.  Learning to re-think how I eat didn’t happen overnight but IP provided lots of educational videos and weekly nutritional counseling.  I know now that even when I have a day that I may consume more carbohydrates then I need to, that I have to hop back on that wagon and consume food the way my body was meant to be fueled.

I am thankful for Ideal Protein.  I feel great. I look great and I love to go shopping now and be able to shop for fabulous clothes!