Time Off

Time off is a valuable resource for all employees. At Garden Park we find that when you have time away from work you return refreshed, more energetic, and better equipped to handle the day ahead. That is why we feel it is important for you to begin accruing hours immediately upon employment. 

PTO – Need to take time off of work due to vacation or illness or other reasons- no problem!  Garden Park offers paid time off (PTO) for full-time and part-time employees, which can be used after the completion of the 90-day introductory period.  PTO accrual begins upon hire and your PTO accrual grows as you increase years of service.

Short-term Disability – Short-term disability is offered to all full-time and part-time employees, which can be used when a personal illness causes an employee to miss more than 1 week of work.  A little extra benefit so that your PTO time can be reserved for vacation, holidays and for simply a day off when needed. 

Holidays – Garden Park recognizes three holidays: New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Employees who work these holidays will receive time and ½ pay.  Holiday time is also accrued in PTO to be used for you to schedule holiday time off throughout the year.

Leave of Absence– Garden Park offers several leave of absence options for when employees need extended time off of work for medical, family, education, military and other personal situations that may arise. 

Bereavement Leave– In the event a death occurs in your immediate family, we want to assist with your bereavement needs by offering time off to be with family and friends.  After 90 days of employment full-time and part-time employees can receive up to 24 hours paid time from work.  

Voting Time – You are encouraged to make every attempt to vote either before or after work.  However, in the event you are unable to vote because of a time conflict between your shift and the polls, you will be allowed reasonable time off to discharge this civic duty.

Jury Duty– Full-time and part-time employees are eligible to receive base pay to replace scheduled hours when called to jury duty, without having to forego the jury duty pay.