Employer of Choice

Making Garden Park a great place to work is one of our top priorities.  We are interested in the quality of your life at work.  To realize this priority we focus on hospital communication, employee recognition, community involvement, employee activities, and our service culture just to name a few.  

Healthy Work Environment – Garden Park has many different units and leaders but only one culture — a culture of compassion and dedication to quality patient care. That commitment also extends to employees. We enjoy a diverse employee population representing a variety of ages, ethnicities and professions.  Respect for this blend of perspectives is demonstrated by:

  • A safe place to work.
  • Having the tools, equipment and training necessary to perform your duties.
  • Open and available communication with your supervisors and leadership of your facility.
  • A fair application of workplace policies, procedures, and disciplinary proceedings.
  • Fair and understandable compensation and benefits.

Employee Advisory Group – The prime goal of the Employee Advisory Group is to make Garden Park the best hospital to work on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  The team, made up of employees from all areas of the hospital, focuses on initiatives to improve morale and employee involvement. 

Employee Dispute Resolution Process-   The EDRP is designed to provide employees an opportunity to resolve certain employment-related claims in a fair and reasonable manner. The step process is intended to create and maintain open, forthright and honest communication.

Bright Ideas- We understand that the people who do the work are the best resources for how we can do things better.  “Bright Ideas” on how to do things better, cheaper or more efficiently can be submitted through our program and may even be recognized through the Spirit of Excellence.

New Hire Onboarding – Onboarding simply means the way we welcome and orient our new hires.  All new employees participate in hospital-wide orientation where we share the vision of Garden Park’s unique culture, vision, and history from our leadership team.  New employees also receive training about our ethics and compliance program, service culture, and other important Garden Park information.  Some positions, such as nursing, also participate in a clinical orientation.  Employees then join their home department where they receive orientation and training specific to their job and department. 

Staffing Policies- We’re committed to staffing levels that enable you to provide quality and compassionate care to patients in a manner that also ensures your own safety and well-being, and works to maintain continuity of income.

Scheduling Policy: We see to it that your work schedule is posted at least 14 days in advance. This policy also limits the number of consecutively scheduled shifts that can be assigned, details how to resolve scheduling request conflicts and allows for “self scheduling” where appropriate.

Call Off Policy: Employees subject to being called off are concerned about continuity of income. This policy provides a fair, predictable means of selection for call off or when there is a need to cancel staff, and procedures for rotating the impact among employees.

RN Floating Policy: Caregivers should never be asked to perform a task for which they are not qualified. This policy spells out eligibility and order of selection to float. It requires nurses be given an orientation to the unit where they will be assigned and mentoring by the receiving-unit’s Nurse Manager.

Mandatory Overtime Policy:  As part of our commitment to better scheduling practices, there is no mandatory overtime unless the employee requests it, there is an emergency or patient safety is at risk.