Your opinion counts!  We are very interested in your view about how things are going at Garden Park.   We know you are the person who has the closest view of patient care and operations.  Because of your expertise, we are confident you have great ideas about how to make this an even better place to work.  There are a variety of ways to share your opinions and learn about hospital “comings and goings.”

Open Door Discussions- In addition to formal ways of speaking up, you can talk directly with your management team, up to and including your most senior-level leaders, if you feel a concern is not being addressed by your supervisor or you feel uncomfortable discussing it with your supervisor or HR team.

CEO Birthday Lunches – During the month of your birthday, join the CEO for a delicious lunch where you can hear about recent hospital initiatives, give comments and suggestions directly to the CEO, and get better acquainted with other staff members.

Town Hall Meetings – Attend quarterly meetings with the CEO and other members of the Administrative team, which are held at various times to accommodate your schedule.  

Employee Engagement Survey – Our employee survey is conducted every other year and is completely confidential. The hospital shares the overall results with employees and jointly develops action steps to address the concerns raised in the survey.

Employee Newsletter – Our employee newsletter, “SCOPE,” is published monthly and has a variety of information such as important announcements, benefits information, Spirit of Excellence honorees, new business features and upcoming events.

Employee Bulletin Boards – Employee bulletin boards are regularly updated with important employee information such as upcoming events, announcements, policy descriptions, benefits information, and more. The bulletin boards are located next to the employee entrance on the first floor and at the employee elevators on all other floors.  Various other bulletin boards are located throughout the hospital, including department boards in each individual area.

GP Website- Garden Park has a website specifically designed to provide quick and easy access to important information, such as benefit’s contacts, education calendars and more.  Employees can access information and news at their own convenience, even from home.  You’re on it now! 

Facebook- Garden Park has a Facebook page.  You can locate it by logging into your Facebook account and searching for the “Garden Park Medical Center” page or you can link directly to it from the homepage of our website which doesn’t require you to be a member of Facebook.  If you are a member of Facebook, you can click that you “like” our page to be a fan to receive updates whenever we post.

E-News- Once a week, Human Resources e-mails a quick snapshot of news and information, such as upcoming events, announcements and benefits changes. 

V-News- Once a month, our CEO records a message to keep you informed of what is happening at Garden Park. There are two ways to listen.  Listen from your work PC or call extension 7497 (from an outside line, call 228-575-7497). 

Garden Park Web – Garden Park Web is a Garden Park intranet system where you can gain access to important information and resources such as policies.  We also post pictures from all of our events.

Atlas Intranet – Atlas is a company-wide intranet system where employees can gain access to HCA information and resources.  This communication resource links employees to important information to issues that affect them, such as your benefits, as well as helps them access information to do their jobs more effectively.

Benefits Publication – Our benefits department regularly mails newsletters and information to your home.  It provides information regarding the company's many benefits offerings, such as updates to plan design, tips on using the plans and deadlines.  It also provides articles on health and wellness and retirement savings.

Ethics Hotline – 1-800-455-1996 – This toll free phone line is available for you to call anonymously to report concerns.  Ethics and Compliance training happens upon hire, and refresher training occurs annually thereafter. 

New Employee Survey- New employees are asked to participate in a confidential survey to provide invaluable information on how we’re doing as a new employer.  We believe strongly that the only way to do things well is to receive feedback directly from those who are experiencing the process. 

Exit Interviews- Exit interviews represent a prime opportunity to gain candid information on employment conditions within our company. Such debriefings can provide objective feedback on the conditions or patterns of management behavior that may have contributed to an employee's decision to leave.

Hospital Committees- Employees are a part of numerous committees in the hospital with various purposes but all with the intention of facilitating communication and involvement.  Examples include Emergency Preparedness, Process Improvement, Safety, Security and Ethics & Compliance.